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Wednesday, November 15th at 6PM

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Choosing a real estate firm where you can build a strong and sustainable business is an important decision. HUFF Realty is a company built on family values, integrity and results.

We are dedicated to the full service approach to real estate.

Buy, sell, mortgage, title, insurance, warranty and relocation, our clients have the benefit of every HUFF service partner jumping onboard to handle the many details, providing first class service, direct non-stop to closing. We continue to seek new and innovative ways to serve our clients. As your neighbors, we share your goals, realizing that the foundation of strong communities rests on its people. From the day Jim Huff opened the first HUFF office in 1975 these unwavering principles have remained the guiding force.

Huff Realty provides every tool and resource agents need to establish prosperous real estate careers in the current market.


Professional Development

Whether you are brand new to the business or a seasoned veteran, Huff Realty offers the most comprehensive initial and ongoing education in the industry. Designed to enhance agents’ professional growth, Huff Realty provides consistent training opportunities throughout the year. By providing invaluable real estate career information to aid in your skill development, key industry topics are covered such as how to obtain exclusive listings, successful lead generation, and marketing strategies.

No matter your experience or skill level and whether you learn best 1:1, in small groups, with online real estate courses, or in larger group settings, the opportunities to expand your knowledge of the industry are endless. For those just entering the profession, our Huff Basics program will help establish core skills so new agents can begin earning. Accomplished experts can take advantage of continuing development programs to stay on top of the industry’s dynamic shifts and continue to grow their business.


Industry-Leading Real Estate Technology

At Huff Realty, we know the importance of mobility and making real estate technology work for you. Our user-friendly, industry-leading systems and strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors support your business and allow you to confidently provide your clients with the most up-to-date information possible. Available remotely and built with responsive design, working across all devices, our company’s systems allows agents to work where and when they need to. Huff Realty’s technology team is available around the clock to make ensure all systems run smoothly.

Never satisfied with being ordinary, we are constantly upgrading our systems and evaluating new technologies and tools to remain ahead of the curve. Providing every resource one needs to be successful in the real estate profession wherever you are, our systems allow agents to be more effective and efficient, freeing up time to work directly with clients.


We are eager to help you enhance your real estate career with our team here at Huff Realty Ft. Mitchell.  Please contact us today!